Chocolate Massage
Chocolate is known to make you happy - in more ways than one. Relax and enjoy a back massage with warm chocolate oil, followed by a cup of hot chocolate. - approx. 25 min.
25 Min
€ 45,00
Ocean Breeze
Enjoy the full body massage, it promotes blood circulation and relaxes the muscles. - approx. 50 min.
50 Min
€ 79,00
Soul anchor
Let go. Enjoy a gentle relaxation massage for body and soul and increase your well-being. - approx. 50 min.
50 Min
€ 79,00
Wave noise
Classic massage to relax tension in the entire back, shoulder and neck area. - approx. 25 min.
25 Min
€ 42,00
Coast Dream
Combination of classic back massage and massage with warm lava stones. - approx. 40 min.
40 Min
€ 65,00
Pier lights
Ayurvedic full body massage with warm sesame oil in combination with gentle massage strokes. It stimulates the body's own energy flow and brings body and soul back into harmony. - approx. 80 min.
80 Min
€ 115,00
This "precise" massage on the feet releases energy blockages and optimizes the entire energy flow in the body. - approx. 40 min.
40 Min
€ 65,00
Coastal Gold
This intensive back massage with exquisite honey has a purifying effect as well as stimulating the metabolism and optimally relieves tension. - approx. 40 min.
30 Min
€ 59,00
Pier luck
The ayurvedic pregnancy massage responds to the individual needs of the expectant mum and relieves symptoms such as headache and backache, water retention and sleep disorders. (The treatment can be applied only from the 13th week of pregnancy.) - approx. 40 min.
40 Min
€ 69,00